Linking Text & Media


The link window:

To ad a link to text, select the text then click on the link button, find the page or menu link you want to link to. Click the Insert button. It is advisable to link always to menu links and not individual pages, unless those pages are floating pages (not linked by a menu). This way, should the menu ever change, the link won’t be broken. Joomla will simply update the link paths.  

link window


To add a link to an image, select it and click on the editor link tool. A popup will let you navigate to the content you want to link to, or you can enter an external link. The same applies to text, select the text you want to link and click on the link icon to link it to the content you want to link it to.

To link to an article: click on content and find the article under the category it belongs to.

To link to an email address: click on the envelope icon and enter the email that you want to link to.

To link to a PDF or doc: select the text or image you want to add the link to, click on the link button, then click on the browse button. Find the document you want to link to, click the Insert button. I usually place PDFs in a PDF folder to keep them separate from the images folders. You can also add a new folder for docs.

More Advanced Features

The JCE Editor is a very powerful editor. It no only allows you to link to articles, menus, images, media, etc... but you can also add styles to them. You can add padding to images, or borders, or create new styles from within the editor. You can create roll overs by having two images one for the static and one for the rollover then apply the rollover style from within the editor. You can create Popup window for Videos, images, etc. and much more. For this and more applications of the JCE Editor, please click here to visit their site.

Popup Media Box

The JCE editor has a built in popup gallery. that allows you to insert a video or image and display it in a popup window.

Before you begin, calculate your photo or graphic's size for the popup. In your formatting software, open the file, change the size to 800pixels (if this is the size you are using) keeping the restrain proportions button selected, then look to see what the height is. Now you have the correct size of your file.

  1. To create, place the graphic or photo you want to use on the page.
  2. Then select it again and click on the link icon, this will give you the link popup window.
  3. Click on the Browse button and find the image that you want to display in the popup (the image you placed and linked, or another image). For example... You want to display a poster, so you place the image at a thumbnail size, then link it to the same image but display it larger in a popup box.

Please, read below  to find out more about Web images. Please be kind, don't place huge images in your site. Format them for the Web.

links window

4. Choose the popup tab and enter the information required depending on your intended use.

image popup window

5. Choose JCE MediaBox Popup for the popup type.
6. You may want a title and caption within the popup. enter them here.
7. Groups let you browse through several images in the same popup window. If you have several images in this page and they are all linked to display in a popup, you might consider grouping them so that once you click on one of the images you can see all of them within the same popup window. To group the images, type in the name of the group. Then apply this group name to each of the images that you want included in this popup.
8. Select if you want to have a Popup Icon display to let users know that this is a popup link.
9. Change the dimensions to the dimensions you want to display your image. You can always go down in size from your original image, but you can't go larger since it will display the image pixelated.  Your image is now linked to a popup window with a larger version of your image. Note: Your popup should never be larger than 800 pixels wide or 700 pixels high. Anything larger is too large for smaller laptops and mobile devices.
10. Select if you want this popup to pop up automatically when you open this page.
11. Hide the Popup Link... useful when creating image galleries launched from a single link.
12. Choose the Media Type: image, video, etc. If you leave this blank, the popup window will not work.
13. Click Update and test.