Template Positions

Module positions are placeholders in a template. Your site's custom look is defined by a custom designed/developed template. This template tells the server where and how to display all the content in your site. It contains all the styles and positions for the site. 

The positions designate where content resides on the page. In other words, it tells the server where to display your content on the page. This allows you to display modules on any of the positions, except for one position, the main content, which is reserved to display only articles. The Web designer has complete control over module positions, creating variations between templates and the respective Joomla default positions in order to develop a custom template for your site.

Each position has a different name. We usually name these positions according to their location or content: Left, Right, Slideshow, etc . 

Below is an example diagram of site positions in your custom template. Your site may have more or less positions depending on your design and needs, and they may have different names. Please consult your client guide to determine what positions your content is located in.

template positions

1. TopMenu
2. Header
3. Slideshow
4. Featured1
5. Featured2
6. Featured3
7. Footer
8. Copyright

Your custom sitemap displays your template positions and shows you what positions your content is being displayed in.

It may look something like this:

template positions


To see a preview of your template positions by following these simple steps.

1. Log into the Joomla back end.

2. On the top menu, under Extensions, click on the Template Manager.

3. Click on the template styles window.

4. Next to each template thumbnail click on the preview button to display the module positions available in each template.