Corporate Branding & Marketing Materials

In these modern times, keeping up with marketing and advertising has become one of the most important needs in a business. Yet, small businesses are tasked with balancing marketing, advertising, the Web, Facebook, Twitter, etc... while running the business. It is a daunting task. And everyday there is, yet, another new Social something that we now have to belong to. But, do you really need to be on Facebook? Does your business benefit from Twitter? Or, could you be putting more energy into other sources that would benefit your business better? And, worse, are you doing all of them yourself and they all have that "I did it myself" look?


Brand is the personality that identifies a product, service or company (name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or combination of them) and how it relates to key constituencies: Customers, Staff, Partners, Investors etc. More than just a logo, your brand image is the sum of all your tangible and intangible traits — the ideas, beliefs, values, prejudices, interests, features and history that make you unique. Brand image may be the best, single marketable investment a company can make. Branding is not simply the expected features and benefits of your product or service. Branding is uncovering (and sometimes creating) your distinctive difference. How you differ from the rest is what sets you apart from all other competitors. It is what motivates you, your people, and ultimately, excites your clients to choose you over another similar product or service.


The outward expression of a brand, including its name, trademark, communications, and visual appearance. Brand identity is what the owner wants to communicate to its potential consumers.

Do you have a corporate ID? Matching letterhead, business cards, logo, envelopes, etc.? Does your Website carry the same brand as the rest of your company Identity? Every time you mail something, is it sent in the company letterhead? What about e-newsletters? Are you using a Constant Contact template? Or have you had a custom designed template keeping your brand intact? These are very important questions you need to be asking. If you got your logo from the $99. online store, your business cards from the catalog at the printing shop, or the make-your-own at Vistaprint, your envelopes from Office Depot, you are sending out a totally mixed message to your costumers. We help you put it all together while making sure that all your collateral looks like it belongs to you. And, yes, you can still keep using these services, if you like, but you will be sending them graphic design that is consistent throughout and have been prepared to keep all the company colors consistent as well.


A Logo is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and even individuals to aid and promote instant public recognition. Logos are either purely graphic (symbols/icons) or are composed of the name of the organization. Effective Logo Design must be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate– think Coke, AT&T, Shell, NBC, Target. You identify the icon as the brand. Read More About Logos.

Corporate ID or Marketing Materials

Brochures, Annual Reports, Business Cards, Stationery, Billboards, Websites, e-Newsletter, Social Media, etc. These are all part of your marketing collateral that make up your branding. It is imperative that every piece that comes out of your company has the same look and feel.


Lakeside Inn

Mount Dora, Florida
Website, E-Newsletter, Weddings/Events Brochure, Weddings/Events Rack Card

The Lakeside Inn branding samples


Govinda Delicias Vegetarianas

La Romana, Dominican Republic
Branding Package, Stationery, Menu, Logo, Receipts, Awning

govinda delicias vegetarianas branding samples


Essential Therapies

Mount Dora, FL
Branding Package, Stationery, Business Cards, Thank You Notes

essential therapies spa branding samples



Thor Global

Maitland, FL
Logo, Stationery, Website, Product Labels

thor global branding samples


Modernism Museum

Mount Dora, Florida
Posters, Ads, Brochures, Window displays, E-Newsletter, Flyers

modernism museum mount dora branding samples 

Anne Roberts Gardens

Chicago, IL
Branding Package: Website Design and Development, Brochures, Tradeshow Display, Shopping Bags

anne roberts gardens branding samples



Sifunda Kunye

South Africa
Branding Package: Media Kit: Pocket Brochures, Letterhead, Logo, CD labels, Business Cards, Posters

sifunda kunye branding samples



Mount Dora Jewelry

Mount Dora, Florida
Logo Design, many magazines and newspaper ads, e-newsletter

mount dora jewelry branding samples