Creating & Displaying Custom Modules

About Custom Modules in Your Content

Content that is displayed on any space of your Website that is not the main content (article) position is a module, (footer content, sidebars, header, special sections, etc.) To edit this content you need to go to the Modules Manager in the Extensions Joomla dropdown menu. Find the module and click on it to edit it.

Below is a screen shot of your modules list. To edit a module, click on the module to open it in the editor. Since this is a custom designed template designed specially for you, all these location spots have been programmed into your site.

J3 JCE Module Manager

Modules display in module positions defined in your template. Before you create a module, please define where you want to display the module, and make sure you design it the correct size for the space. In other words, a module displayed on a sidebar, will not be able to have a photo wider than 250 - 300 pixels wide. The height is not a big problem, but the width is. So, plan ahead before you start. 


Changing sizes of photos, fonts, and other items in the modules can create havoc on the site structure. If you are editing a module, please make a note of the sizes of any photos or graphics contained in the module. Never add a wider photo to a module than what the module can hold.


Your site is made up of a certain amount of positions. Click here to read more about your template positions.

If you would like to receive a template map of your site, please click here to request a PDF.

Or, you can see a preview of your template positions by following these simple steps.

1. Log into the Joomla back end.

2. On the top menu, under Extensions, click on the Template Manager.

3. Click on the template styles window.

4. Next to each template thumbnail click on the preview button to display the module positions available in each template.


1. In your Joomla Administrator area, click on the Extensions menu, then the modules button.

2. Once in the modules manager, click on the NEW button (big green button on the top left of the page). This will open a popup with a whole list of different kinds of modules that you can create.

3. Choose custom module. Inside the custom modules manager, you will define a title. In some cases you will want the title will show, while in others you want to hide it. Choose whether to show the module title or not.

4. choose the position you want the module to display in. For example: sidebar, header-left, header-right, footer, etc.

5. Create your content in the editor. Add graphics or photos and text.

6. Define which pages the module will display in: Click on the menu assignment tab. Choose from

    On all pages
    No Pages
    Only on the pages selected
    On all pages except those selected

7. Select the pages you want the content to display in.

8. Select if you want to publish it now or if you want to keep it un-published until you are ready to go live.

9. Click on the Save button.

Some styles have been developed for the specific look of a module. For example, for the sidebar menus, or footer menus. If you want to add more and want them in the same place and with the same style, copy the suffix from one that is already done and paste it in the suffix area of your new one.


In the module manager, click on the search tools dropdown button.

Choose the position you are working in. This will hide any other module that isn't displayed in this specific module position.

Now, click on the left little stacked triangles. This will allow you to drag and move the positions.

module position order button

Drag the module to the order you want to display it in.

Do not change the order of the other positions. Just fit yours where you want it. Moving the other ones around will mess up the way they are displayed in other pages. In other words, if you have two positions in one page and you like the order that they are in, don't move the positions because they will loose their display order. Instead, just deal with where you want your new module to appear in relation to the others. Drop it in place.

Go to the live page and refresh. If it is displaying reversed of what you intended, go back and drag it to the opposite direction as before.

Play with this until you get it where you want it.


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