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Joomla is very Search Engine Friendly. It has a few features built in to make it easier to add Metadata (Information targeted at Search Engines, such as description and keywords.)

Along with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you can target keywords and descriptions in specific articles, categories, some menus and the site’s Global Configuration.

Only Metadata is added in these fields.

SEO Global Configuration

The metadata added in the Global Configuration will be the main metadata pulled up by search engines, main description and main keywords for the site and appears inside the landing page (index page).



If you have articles that you want to publish automatically, you can do so easily in Joomla. You just set the date you want to publish the article, and, if you want it to unpublish at a certain date, you can set it to automatically do so also. These articles have to be associated to a specific category. Joomla allows you to display, through a module or menu, articles belonging to a specific category or groups of categories. Without having to code or have any html knowledge. Just create a new menu, choose category list or category blog, and choose the category. When you click on the menu you will get a list or blog of all the articles in the chosen category(ies). There are many other options to do this. They will be covered under menus or categories.

SEO Menu Manager

The metadata in the menu manager appears inside the individual page. The Page Display options overide each page's browser title if included. Enter your description and key words. You can change the robots to follow (default) or not to follow (this hides the page from the robots).



 SEO Article  Manager/Category Manager

The metadata in the individual article manager appears inside the individual page. You can target specific metadata (keywords and descriptions to the individual articles.  You can also add SEO to Categories the same way you add it to the articles.



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