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Article Manager List

Click on the article name to edit an article. The lists on the right of the article let you know what category they are associated with and much more. The Filter search field allows you to find articles. You can also sort articles by Category, Type, and much more. This is very handy when you have a lot of articles to manage. You can isolate categories, types, published, unpublished, and so on.


If you have many unpublished articles, you can select by published or unpublished to just view the published articles in your site. Or better yet, you can move them to the trash until you are ready to use them again. As long as you don't delete the trash, the trash bin is a good storage space. Remember though that all the articles in the site, even if they have been trashed, are managed by the Joomla database. If you run into problems trying to name an article the same as a name that already exists, you might want to look in the trash for the other article with the same name that may be sitting there. Choose to untrash the original article and add the new content to it, or delete it if you don't need it any more, so you don't have future naming problems. 

Article Window and JCE Editor

The JCE editor works like most word processing editors. It allows you to add text, edit text, and  change the text styles. You can make tables, Insert images, etc. The font styles were custom designed for your website. Instead of having to find the font, size, color, and style, every time you are going to format text content, your pull downs have styles defined for you that already contain all the formatting styles. The site’s default style is text14. This is a 14 pixel font (close to a 12 point font.) There is a good range of sizes and styles. If you need more styles, please let me know, I will be glad to add more. Remember that, in the Web, BIGGER ISN’T BETTER! The same as in Texting and E-mailing, big bold caps are offensive to the user. Try to stay away from them except for titles. People can see the text and all browsers have zoom capabilities. 



JCE Content Editor Icons Explained

The text editor installed in your site is JCE editor. It is much more user friendly than the Joomla default editor. It also has a lot of expanding possibilities. There are extra apps that you can add to it to make it even more user-friendly. BELOW is a numbered list of the tools.

To edit or enter text, just place the cursor where you want to insert the text and start typing just like you would in any editor. Select the text, then choose a style from the style drop down menu. There are normal, italic, bold, and bold italic styles that I have created for the main text sizes used in the article content. The Big Page Titles (headers) are predetermined and are generated automatically from your Menus. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT FONTS AND STYLES.

NOTE. The JCE editor comes with many buttons for many functionalities. However,  I take out a lot of the buttons that would make it more difficult for the clients to edit their site. The use of pre-set styles not only makes your editing experience faster, but it helps maintain the design continuity of your site.  By using styles, if you, the client, would like to change the color of a style, tomorrow, all I have to do is make one change in the site cascading styles. And, voilá, like magic, they all change at once. If, instead, your site didn't have styles and you wanted to make a change that affected the whole site, these changes would have to be done individually throughout the whole site, page by page, instance by instance. 

For a definition of the editor's buttons, please click here to visit the editor's site.

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