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Once you have created a menu and added menu items to it, you need to create a menu module in order to tell the server where on the page, and which pages you want to display the menu.

Create a New Menu Module

From the Extensions manager pulldown, select Modules Manager.  From the Modules Type Popup, select Menu to create a new menu module.




Choose the type of module you want to create. In this case we are creating a menu module. This allows you to add a module that will allow you to display a menu anywhere on your site.

NOTE: The topmenu position is reserved for your main navigation bar (main menu). You cannot display another menu in that same space.


This will take you to the menu modules landing page. Give it a title. Select Hide to hide the Title unless it is going to be a sidebar menu in which case you might want to show the title.  A horizontal navbar menu always hides the title. Select the menu you want to display.

Select if you want to show submenus.

The published status is the default. You can always create the module and unpublish it until you are ready to go live with it.  You can also set a date when it should go live and a date when it should unpublished if you wish. 

If your site has sidebar menus, it already has set styles built in. To use them, open the sidebar menu's module, go to the advanced tab, and copy the menu module suffix. Return to your menu module and paste it in the same location (module class suffix). Entering this code will make your menu behave exactly the same as the one already in your site. If you would like a different look for your new menu, please let us know. We will be glad to design a new menu style for you. 

Next, choose a position. If it is going on the sidebar, that will be position left. On the right, position right, etc.

NOTE: If this is a menu module, you cannot add a new menu to the topmenu position because it is reserved for the Main Menu.


 Joomla allows you to display menus either vertically or horizontally.








If you want to display submenus in the sidebar menu, select Yes to Show Sub Menus. If you want the submenus to be hidden until you are in that menu area, leave No selected.

The look of your menus is pre-determined in the template design. If you didn't originally have sidebar menus, Joomla will pick up default joomla design styles for this menu. If you would like to have a custom style for your menu, please contact us and we will be glad to add it to your site.

Page Menu Assignment

Select which pages you want this menu to display in. If you are using this as a sidebar menu for a group of pages, you will select only those pages. If those pages appear in more than one menu, you must click on all the check boxes next to every page in every menu in order for you menu to display in these pages. In other words, if you have a menu item to the About Us page in the main menu, but you also have a link to that page from another menu, you must check both links to the same page. These extra links are called Alias*.

*Usually, when you have more than one link to a same page, you have a regular link menu (single article, category, etc), this is the main link to the article. Any other links to the same article will be aliases. An alias will link to an existing menu. You cannot have two direct links to the same article because it causes conflicts, thus, there are Aliases to give you this ability without the conflict.


Click Save & Close to save the module.