About Brushstroke

The Art of Design

Our title “The Art of Design” defines our philosophy. Brushstroke Art and Design strives for the perfect balance of form and function. We cultivate an atmosphere of the Art and the Design being mutually dependent. We believe that the perfect design comes from the heart as much as the head. All of our designers address a personal exploration in the visual world while, at the same time, providing you, the client, with a “heartfelt” but functional design. Please see our Artist Community for examples of our endeavors in the realm of Fine Art.

Our challenge is, not only to satisfy your needs from a utilitarian standpoint, but also to exceed your expectations with a functional Work of Art. Our designers are experienced in every facet of the design world and, because we are able address your every visual need, your product will be consistent from your business ID all the way to your online presence and everything in between.

Brushstroke wants you to have a wonderful experience defining your branding needs. Let us help you.


Graphic & Web Designer

Betsy Arvelo Graphic Designer and Artist Self PortraitBetsy Arvelo-Buzbee:
I have had the pleasure of working in very fun jobs, each adding to a body of knowledge which has provided me with a well rounded understanding of Web and print design, production, and exhibit design, as well as, extensive experience with the industry standard software. I consider myself an Adobe baby. Started with Illustrator '88. I am a seasoned designer with many years of experience, very organized, detail-oriented, and I play well with others. I am looking for the next project that is going to challenge me and keep my creative passion alive, while helping you with your design needs.

Expertise: Web and Graphic Design, Publishing Design, Exhibit Design, Museum design, Watercolor Artist, Silkscreen Artist, and Photoshop Artist.

I am Dominican by birth, American by choice. I grew up in the DR and US and thus, understand both cultures and languages equally. Hablo Español.

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Artist In Residence

Tom Buzbee Self Portrait Artist, teacherTom Buzbee/Art Guru:
I have worked in Disney as an artist, NASA as an Illustrator, and taught, both as an adjunct and full-time, for 20+ years. At the moment I am privileged to be the full-time Artist in Residence at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, FL.

Masters of Fine Arts, University of Alabama.
Bachelor in Fine Arts, Tyler School of Art, Temple University, Philadelphia

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Art Director

Avaryl Buzbee portraitAvaryl Buzbee:

I was raised surrounded by artwork and artist, immersed in art supplies. That fueled me, and lead me to a path of design. I graduated from Digital Media, at Full Sail, in 2001. Since then, I have worked in the industry doing Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Branding, and Logo Design. I currently teach in the Digital Art Design Program, at Full Sail Real World Education in Winter Park, FL.

Associates Degree Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL, 2001
Bachelors in Graphic Design, Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL, 2014

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